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To me art is most “meaningful” in its state of being related to its parts. Its ultimate “meaning” to exist becomes its relationship with what surrounds it. It needs to have something to say, be it on emotional basis or intellectual. In order to achieve some kind of dialogue, the painting itself needs to possess its own dialogue within. This can be called “harmony”, while taking into consideration that everything is subject to change and flux.
The process of painting for me is as important as the Idea behind it. The first step is always an intuitive one, then the exchange between the subconscious and conscious mind begins. It becomes a challenge for the conscious mind to get it “right”, while the subconscious mind paints it.
I believe it is the exchange among these three concepts - the existence of the unknown, the constant state of wonder and a true creative mind, that makes art possible.
To never stop wondering and truly indulge in the invaluable growth this process has to offer, is a reason for me to paint, especially when this growth gets one closer bit by bit to what our conscious mind likes to call “truth”.


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