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Tina Gasparyan was born in Armenia in 1979. Her studies in Geology were cut short after she moved to United States in 1998. Being exposed to new horizons in a multicultural
atmosphere, entirely new to her, had an undeniable impact on her and relaunched her quest for her true vocation. She got accepted to Sci_Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture) where she obtained her undergraduate diploma in 2008.
While her studies in architecture provided her with an invaluable background in arts and theory, her experience in the field didn’t satisfy fully the need she had for artistic liberty and experimentation. Despite the opportunities that she had to pursue her career in well known architectural firms, she launched herself once again into the unknown to explore the image in photography and film. She had the chance to work in France and  participate in documentary projects that enabled her to travel to different parts of the world.
It is only in 2015 that she finally gave in to the world of painting where the process of
creation in itself finally vibrated in harmony with her artistic aspirations. As her work is starting to grow and become noticeable to larger audiences, she now has paintings in the hands of private collectors while being exhibited at various art galleries as well as taking part at different art shows.

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